Form Meets Function in Steel

One of the beauties of using steel as a building material is that it is both highly functional and highly attractive. This makes it an ideal material when your project requires a building material that is both structurally supportive and visibly prominent. So Shawnee Steel & Welding understands the delicate balance, providing our clients with a product that meets industry quality standards while integrating with the architectural harmony of the rest of the structure.

Bringing Steel to the Forefront

Steel is often buried deep within a structure and never seen by the average person. As a company that gets excited about steel, Shawnee Steel & Welding finds that Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel is exciting because it gives people moving through the structure a unique inside look at how the steel is working to support the building, while creating an innovative architectural product that allows the beauty of steel to be placed at the forefront of the design.

Innovative Collaboration

Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel is an exciting opportunity for us as fabricators to work closely with engineers and architects to create attractive architectural solutions that are interesting, visually compelling, and highly functional. It requires much more care and attention than hidden steel structures and provides Shawnee Steel & Welding with a fascinating opportunity to combine our technical skills with our eye toward architectural harmony.

Want to Learn More?

Ready to make your architectural ideas come to life? Shawnee Steel & Welding is excited to get the chance to offer our clients the use of our steel expertise and state of the art facilities to create a beautiful and safe structure. Contact Shawnee Steel to learn more.

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