Maggie Daley Park Railing & Gates

Chicago, Illinois

The 27-acre Maggie Daley Park in downtown Chicago is home to a children’s playground, climbing wall, mini-golf, picnic groves, ice skating, tennis courts, and a formal garden. The park’s varied topographies inspired the architect’s design vision of curvilinear pathways that would allow the estimated 3 million visitors per year a variety of views and environments in which to experience the Park. Shawnee Steel & Welding fabricated and installed 10,000 linear feet of architecturally exposed structural steel railings and gates for the park pathways, hand-finishing them to ensure smoothness and seamlessness when gripped by park visitors. Complex geometry was required to account for the horizontal and vertical radiuses with drastic elevation changes created by the curvilinear pathways and undulating hills.

Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates Inc.

City of Chicago Park District