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Steel traffic barrier systems

Shawnee Steel & Welding offers complete traffic barrier systems that are ideal for creating protected roadways and pedestrian paths. Our rugged concrete and steel traffic barriers are forklifted into place onsite. Once installed, they are immovable – providing an additional layer of safety.


  • 12′-6″ configuration. 
  • The design has an integrated pre-cast concrete base with a galvanized steel divider that can be customized. 
  • The galvanized steel can be detached from the concrete footings for easy storage. 
  • Capable of being moved by forklift for easy configuration and re-configuration. 
  • Aesthetically pleasing and allows for a more transparent, less invasive divider. 
  • Excellent deterrent for theft prevention of vehicles. 
  • Footing with replaceable base. 

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